Monday, December 25, 2017

Legacy and Tradition

Deconstruct the following phrase: “Humanity’s legacy is to abandon old knowledge.”

Question: is not “humanity's legacy” something that we are leaving to future generations? Is it not what will be said of us? So is not “humanity's legacy” old knowledge? Or: wisdom? So, if we abandon the things of old, are we not abandoning the wisdom our fathers taught us? And in abandoning our fathers' wisdom, are we not teaching our children to abandon the lessons we’ve learned so that they do not have to make the same mistakes we did?

I am an old man. And hard lesson I learned was this: when I abandon something or somebody, I do not leave them behind, they take a piece of me with them. And I am less for it.

The only abandonment that works is when we abandon the things that take us away from God. Total abandonment to wisdom is the only way we can leave a legacy that will last.

So the phrase: “humanity's legacy is to abandon old knowledge” is one of the most evil lies Satan has bequeathed to us. Abandoning old knowledge is dishonoring your mother and your father, and it is the very first Commandment that God promises blessings for us if we honor them. Our legacy is our traditions. They have built our civilization to what it was. And they will restore our civilization to greatness if we follow them again.

Chibi Girls

Dearest Elena Marie and Isabel,

This Christmas I got you these cute, little chibi headbands for my cute, little chibi girls: one a hobbit, one kermitessa the frog. And I stop, and think, how much my dear, little girls have grown, and how these few moments are fleeting: one moment you were babies, the next you are grown, young women ready to go out into the world and conquer it.

But you will always have a special place in my heart. My love for you will never dim nor die, but it will be a fierce, protective love of my cute, little chibi girls, and I will always be here for you, your ever-lovin' dad.

Love (ever),


Sunday, August 13, 2017

O! Say! Can You See?

Unpopular opinion:

The Right exists solely to bend over and take whatever's coming from the Left, silently and without complaint.

The Left exists solely get whatever they want, whenever they want, then to play victim when they get exactly they want.

Both the Left and Right are playing an infinite sum game, where we, the Public (aka: sheep lead to slaughter) continuously provide the sums. The media plays its role, blinking the lights, feeding us our opium, and the money goes to the man behind the curtain, laughing at us fools.

I – and this saddens my heart unto death – see no viable solution offered by either the Left nor by the Right. I just see more 'regulate you' and they will and they have: they have regulated us into rigor mortis.

I saw the light of freedom die on 9/11/2001. It wasn't snuffed out by Islam. We did this to ourselves. We traded our freedom for safety and have neither now

"O! Say! Can you see?"

Can you? Can you really? Read the Declaration of Independence and say you see it.

Sadly, I do not anymore.

One thing. One thing remains.

"...fear God, and keep His commandments; for this is the whole man." ~ Ecc 12 

Sherlock Holmes: Übermensch

Unpopular Opinion:

Sherlock Holmes, constructed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is everything evil the Left represents.

His life was empty and meaningless, so, instead of marrying (as Dr. Watson did), he turns to cocaine. His high intellect was highly flawed. He wanted a society constructed entirely on Science, but HIS science, with his gruesome experiments to further 'knowledge' of the macabre. The Sherlock Holmes society would be devoid of (some) emotion (love), but allow only motives (greed, lust): everything was a crime to solve. Reading Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, and, like him, pursuing conclusions to the bitter end led only one place: Hell, or 'Oblivion.' This all comes from the anti-baptism. Instead of rejecting Satan, and all his works, and all his empty promises, the New Left embraces it all.

#feminism #communism #antifa #BlackLivesMatter

They raise high their own new golden calf, the Übermensch, and we see the society they spawn. More destruction has been committed in the name of the above and #multiculturalism than any other Satanic cult (even Islam) in history. So, do we #UniteTheRight and throw in a bit of #WhiteNationalism. Nope. The Right is stupider than the Left, politically, anyway, as we see.

I am neither Right nor Left, dear tweeps. I am Christian, Catholic even, in the #Maronite rite

THY Kingdom come
THY will be done
Totus Tuus

image provided by Regi Catholico @RegiCatholico

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A girl's guide to boys, written by a boy.

Boys aren't complicated creatures. Really. Boys fall into two categories, basically.

1. The boy who is on his noble quest.
2. The boy who is thinking about it.

99% of the boys you will meet aren't worth your time. Why? because they fall into the second category, and nothing you can do will shove him into the first one. When a boy is casting about, all you can do is drown with him. That's fun for some people: the misery of despair and hopelessness ... for a while, but not fun for you.

Conversely, when a boy is on his mission, nothing distracts him from it, and all you can do, really, is hook on and ride along with him, or you can be the stumbling block that does derail him back down to the cesspool of category two.

See? The secret to boys is you. Women are the very powerful, mystical creatures, and boys are, frankly, scared to death of you. Why? One word from you can crush him or it can launch him (further) into orbit, so it's all on you and what you want to do.

Do you want to prove that you're better than him? Do you want to show him that his pride proceedeth the fall and glory in his descent? That's completely in your power. One word, one critical glance from you, and he's done, because it's game over for him, man.

Do you want to see how high he can fly? Do you want to see what he can do in beast mode? That's all on you. How? Support him, encourage him, spin him up, then let him go, and you, and the whole world, will see what your man can do, with you, his woman, behind him.

99%. Not worth your time.

So it depends, entirely, on you, and how you see yourself. Just because a boy suddenly notices you for a moment, along with the football and his buds, doesn't mean a thing as to who you are. Sure, the attention, the flowers, the texts, they're nice. They are hella nice, but who are you in all this? Who were you before him? Who are you with him? Who are you after him?

And who is he?

If he's in his mopey "what does it all mean?"-phase, or his angry "everything blows"-phase, but you see the wonderful human being that he is (because he said 'hi' to you once and asked if you wanted to go out or Netflix and chill, or whatever), here's what I say:

Give him your phone number and say to him this: "When you get serious, when you know what you're doing with your life, when you're taking on something so big, that you know it's bigger than anything in the world, bigger than even you? Call me, and I'll support you in it, but until you get your shit together, until you're on point, don't waste my time nor yours."

A boy is his cause. A boy is this: that he looks at what he has done, and he's proud of the work of his hands. And a boy without a cause is nothing and worse than nothing, because he's chilling, wasting time, trying this, dabbling in that, and he'll drag you down to that, so that you become a nag and a shrew, pushing him to be something other than a lazy lay-about, streaming binge-series, going to work, wasting away his life, and who looks ugly and mean? You.

And you're not. You're better than this. Mr. Right is not going to walk right up to you and sweep you off your feet.

Actually, yes, he is.

But also a whole bunch of Mr. Wrongs are going to come into your life, and you decide if they are in like Flynn in your life and in your heart, or if you show them where the door is ... or kick them to the curb.

So, how do you know which is which?

You'll know.

What does Mr. Right look like?

He looks exactly like the kind of man you have absolutely no time for. He'll infuriate you, he'll annoy you, he'll frikken stalk you like a psychopathic serial killer, he'll push your buttons and tell you why he can't stand you, ...

Then ask you to be his partner, his helpmeet, on his noble quest of life.

Then you have a choice. You can say 'no' because it's not how you see your life, and watch him walk, and marry the very next girl in two months, knowing you let that elusive good man get away.

A sparkly rainbow-unicorn, but you didn't see it, because he's weird, does crazy things, and wears blue jeans and plays catch with his dad, still, and you missed it.

Or you can say: "give me some time." And watch him walk. Because your "I need to think about it" translates in his mind to 'no.' What do you need to think about? What assurances do you need to reflect on by yourself? If you don't involve him in your "I'll think about it"-process, you've lost him, because you either with him, together, on this thing, or your not.

Or you can say: "we need to talk this through," and watch him say 'okay,' but then honestly talk about it. Or watch him throw a temper-tantrum, saying that all girls do is talk-talk-talk, then weigh what this means to you. Is it worth the time of day to explain to him that boys leap, but girls process, and they process by talking, and are you worth it to him for him to process along with you.

Or you can say: "Yes," and then fasten your seatbelt, honey, because saying 'yes' and saying 'I do' is the start of your happily-ever-after that you have to work hard at, every day, to make happen.

Boys are really simple. They are either tilting at windmills or a growing potato on the couch, neither fits into your expectations of what you want for you life. Boys aren't girls: yeah, boys are weird. Boys don't understand girls: in fact, boys are straight-up scared to death of girls.

It's all up to you, then, honey, to pick the one you can live the rest of your life with, and then it's up to you to support him in good times and in bad, and be happy with the choice that you made.