Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016-10-12 Adoration Prayer

Dear LORD,

Thank You for today. Thank You for others helping at work today so we could make progress on a stymied administrative issue. Thank You for the nurses today who helped me at cardiac rehab. Thank You for them doing their duty and having patience with me, their patient, particularly Isabelle.

Please bless the Adorers who adore You, particularly those who have birthdays this month or TODAY! AHA! Please You I pray for the doctors being pressured into defending the right to life, particularly those who are asked to perform abortions, that scourge! Please watch over James' grandma. Please watch over those on twitter, and please guide those who have lost their way to look up and to find You, their Way. Please watch over Jane as she does her duties in caring for others and please heal her knee. Please preserve us all from the fires of hell and lead us home to You.

I ask all this in the Name of Jesus.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Prayers of Thanksgiving

Dear LORD,

THANK YOU for today, and for miraculously making the many things come together as they did.

I pray for my boss, Catherine Thomas, as she pulls together my itinerary for the Graph Connect in San Francisco next week. I pray for my boss, Venkata, as he works through all the issues to deliver our Gov't customer an useful and helpful product for them. I pray for my family, working so hard to be so active in the community: striving to make St. Michael Youth Group work, Madam's ballet, speech and debate, Atrium/Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Carpenter's Shelter/soup kitchen. Diane, Elena Marie, and Isabel do so much, every day, giving themselves so freely. Please help me see this in them and love them more and better...


I pray for all my tweeps, adding my prayers to theirs as I pray for their special intentions.

I ask all these things in the Name of Jesus.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Prayers at Adoration Chapel; Beki's Birthday

Dear LORD,

Tonight I pray for Mama McLaughlin's soul and for Paisley Hayes' two teens and Michael Mbugah prays that the Blessed Virgin Mary pray he never depart from her Son.  I pray for li'l Iz on her 13th birthday that she continue to grown strengthened in Christ. I pray for my sister, Beki, on her 47th birthday today, that she remain consoled in Your Peach and Love. I pray for my Dad who had another birthday this month, in thanksgiving for his love and well-being; he's going to outlive me, isn't he, LORD, the old coot! AHA!

I pray for my family's grace and happiness, and I pray for strength that I may continue to provide for and to protect them.

I ask all these things in the Name of Jesus.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

20th Wedding Anniversary prayer request

Hello, fellow Adorers!

Today is our 20th Wedding Anniversary!

Please keep my dear wife, Diane, and my family in your prayers today as I pray for you as we Adore the LORD.

Amen and thank you.

Adoration Chapel Prayers on our 20th Wedding Anniversary

Dear LORD,

Tonight I pray for a dear friend, Tom of Janie, for Julie's Aunt Hope, for Rachel that she find better, fulfilling work at her job, that she be healed from the soreness from her car accident today, and that her sister-in-law have a safe pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby in March 2017. I pray in thanksgiving for Rachel's safety during her car crash. I pray for Susan and Mrs. L. John. I pray for all my twitter followers for their health and spiritual happiness. I pray for Nora Sailor's Cursillo. I pray for Catholic Buckeye's peace of mind and soul, and for his personal intention.

Today, September 21, 2016 is our 20th Wedding anniversary!!

I pray for my wife, Diane and my children now living, Elena Marie and Isabel Marie and my children who went home to You. And for all to have a blessed, blessed day!

I ask this in Jesus' Name.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Prayers at the Adoration Chapel

Dear LORD,

Tonight I pray for Lucia and her family. Tonight I pray for James' grandmother. Tonight I pray for the Eucharistic Jesus Ministries and the Little Apostles of the Bread of Life. Tonight I pray for my family and friends.

LORD, grant all tonight Your Loving Care, our daily bread, and the peace of knowing we are Your soldiers in Your Salvation History. We may not understand Your Will nor Your Ways, but we place our trust in You.

I ask this in the Name of Jesus, the Christ.


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Prayer Requests

Dear LORD,

Thank You for today, heal the sick and brokenhearted, give courage to those who lack zeal, give us this day our daily bread. Father, let us be your little children, just so happy to sit on Your lap and sing You "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." Give mothers everywhere tonight a restful, peaceful sleep. I pray for these intentions: Mario Benitez, peace of mind, Beth Facemyer, house to sell, the Little Sisters of the Poor founder's St. Jeanne Jugan Saint-day today, Barbarossa's brother and sister to overcome their personal struggles, for Lizzy Grace's family, her whole family, for a successful semester for all students and that I be a good husband to my wife and a good father to my daughters.

I ask this in Jesus' Name.