Monday, March 5, 2007


While Diane went to S.A.F.E., I "watched" Isabel as Elena Marie took, in turn, Jazz, then Tap, then Ballet. "Watched" is a euphemism: I worked on my latest genetic algorithm implementation, and gave Isabel my iPod to see one of the top five movies in the U.S.A.: Hoodwinked!

Well, the li'l Iz soon tired of the headphones (who can blame her?), and was desirous of more direct attention, so we took a walk in the blustery and brisk afternoon. Isabel practiced her "jumping over the cracks" moves (this required holding hands, see) all the way to where the sidewalk ended, and then, as we had become a bit chilled, we retreated to the mommy van where she enjoyed 3 Burger King chicken nuggets with her water and we played a new game.

This game was called, as far as I can tell, bonk-bonk-bonk. Isabel would tap out a sequence on the passenger door with her arm: bonk-BONK-bonk, and I would repeat the sequence. The key to this game was to look straight ahead with as much seriousness that one could muster (me? serious? well, my attempt at seriousness made it funny), and only steal sidelong glances when one was sure to be noticed with an: "I see you, Papa!" delivered triumphantly.

I was a bit afraid that the chicken nugget mush would choke her as she giggled with glee during the bonk-bonk-bonk game.

After Elena Marie's class, the three of us repaired to Chick-fil-a; not for eating, mind you (come on, it's Lent, after all!), but for an uninterrupted hour of playing in their indoor play area -- down the slide -- Wheeeee! They would occasionally remember that they have a Papa and flash me an ILY in sign-language or hop out for a french fried patty and a sip of juice.

And that's what one can do with an afternoon.

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