Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Cara Spoza, Sweet and Dainty

I attended a family gathering of mi cara spoza's; it was a small party this time, there were only 40 or so people with family, friends, friends of friends and moiself (that is French; and yes, you must figure out why I listed moiself (that is French) separately). As Li'l Iz was sick (flu, 103.4o temperature), I was not greeted, instead they looked at me, and asked politely, "Where's Diane?" (they were not impolite, so they didn't ask: "Who are you?") After I explained that she was looking after the sick girl, they coo awhile over EM ("She's soooooooooooooo sweet! She brought presents for her cousins!" because EM likes giving letters, drawings, and presents to her friends) and direct me to the food: "Eat! Eat! Eat!" No, they're not Italian, they're Philippinas.

Well, since Diane wasn't there, the subject of conversation naturally turned to her.

Them: Oh, you must miss her!
Me: Yes, terribly
Them: Ahhhhh! ... what do you like most about her?
Me: Oh, that she's sweet and dainty!
Them, puzzled: Yes, quite.

They must not get my sense of humor, because Diane is very sweet, pixie-like, one might say, but dainty? ... no. So, after a polite pause (yes, Diane's cousins are very polite, I already said they're Philippinas, right?), the conversation resumed.

Them: Well, she may be dainty, but she has her own mind ... you wouldn't want to mess with her.
I agreed: Oh, you could mess with her, but only if you wanted to lose.

This assent brought on much laughter and kibitzing (they call it tsizmis), and soon after eating some delicious cake, I excused myself to trade places with Diane to watch over the sickly child.

Me: Elenas, I'll be going home now, and Mama will be coming here; you may stay and play with your cousin Trisha.
EM, playing with her cousin, Trisha, not giving me a backward glance: Okay

I then thanked all 40 hosts and hostesses, and on my way out, I was confronted by little Trish: Why aren't you gone yet?

Well, I guess I don't need to worry about separation anxiety ...

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