Sunday, April 27, 2008

"On an ordinary day ..."

"...the extraordinary way you take what I can give and you treasure it."

Yesterday was my 41st birthday, so I'm now in my 42nd year. My sister, Beki, asked me, "So how does it feel to be 41?" and I answered that it feels like any other age -- an ordinary day. "Good," she replied. She's so grounded.

So, my cara spoza treated me for two outings: Li'l Iz and I had Queen Elizabeth tea at the Pinkadilly and then Elena Marie and I spent the evening watching the Nationals get shut out by the Chicago Cubs (no hard feelings: the Cubs have a birthday boy, too -- actually, I blanched when reading the birthyears of the players. Fukudome is a grizzled ancient, being born in 1977. I saw player cards of kids born in 1985. How can they hit a fast ball (and hit it well!) when they aren't even out of diapers yet is a mystery to me.)

I also received a nice birthday present from the UNSC, and finished up the day completing my first hard masyu puzzle.

A good day. Now, back to taxes.

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