Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is my wife's parent's anniversary ... if you are in the neighbourhood and reading this entry, please wish them a "Happy Anniversary". I happen to know this date well: my parents'-in-law anniversary date, because it coincides with several other occasions: Mike and Faye's wedding anniversary, Marshal Law Day (Proclamation No. 1081), ... and my own wedding anniversary. This is the day that my cara spoza took me as her man.

So, as I greet them on their anniversary, it is actually they who gave me the best gift: my dear sweetheart. Thank you for the present.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Diane and Doug! You are in our prayers for many more happy years together.

Love, The Kenneallys

Eve said...

And if Diane is our gift to you, Elena and Isabel are your gifts to us! For where would they be (or would have come from, if not for you :-) They are perfect specimen of all the beautiful in both of you.

You know, the Auclairs and the Sebastians.

And if I may say so myself, the Estrellas!

Cheers for more anniversaries!