Tuesday, March 3, 2009

School at the Beach

Windsurf School, that is. Why waste the wicked wind that blows across the sandbar? Math just had to wait.

The cousins learned about windsurfing safely on solid ground. The instructor used a small board just the right size for a seven-year old, and boy, did our 7-year old want to join her older cousins. But there are still swimming lessons to learn.

Then off to the beach to teach those legs about balancing on the board.

With a little help from the instructor, Ate (pronounced AH-teh; elder sister or female cousin) was quickly speeding off with the wind. No, that wasn't our princess. She and her little sister were left on dry land, wishing for the day when their Papa will windsurf with them.

There were enough spectators to make one nervous. But since they were relatives, the applause was loud and long! Because sooner than we expected, Ate was on her own.

See her fly, all in an hour's hard work while on vacation at the beach ...

... as the little cousins work at getting a head start.

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