Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Milestone

Very tired. Very happy. That's how we feel, on this, the day after the girls' First Holy Communion. But we haven't gone back to the school routine yet. We're busy remembering the little and big things from yesterday, and from this past year. It hadn't been a journey just for them. We learned much from teaching the girls, and though they could have learned well in CCD, we were happy to be right in the thick of it at home.

As the pictures show, we celebrated, and how! There was lunch with the godparents and dear friends, who have served as our surrogate parents. Then there was dinner with friends and relatives, who are also members of our parish, and who have witnessed the girls' increased participation at Mass.

It was certainly a milestone for the girls. But for us, it was another step in our faith journey.


Beki said...

Thank you for sharing the slide show and your feelings about the girls' First Holy Communion. Wonderful images. Wonderful words. Congratulations on reaching this milestone in your parenting and in your faith.

Tita Sterie Yap said...

Dear Doug, Diane, and the darling Communicants,

Catholic joy from the Auclair household has jumped off the cyber pages into my soul! Our corners of the world are brighter, happier, and more hopeful because of you. Thank you. God bless you!

BW-of-W said...

Wonderful. Beautiful.