Wednesday, April 24, 2013


... hm.

So, what do you have to say for yourself?

My first day at work, they 'asked' me to provide detailed information about myself.

I did.

This is how I described myself:

Humble. Shy. Quiet. Retiring. Except in meetings.
Dedicated and hard working, insightful. Thoughtful. Pensive. Focused. Exacting.
Demanding. Detail-oriented: yes, a perfectionist.
Cheerful demeanor hides a melancholy disposition.
Will never, ever be late to a chicken biryani lunch.
  • The usual suspects: Java, Perl and all the rest. But with some tricks up his sleeve: Haskell, Prolog, Bayesian analysis, Neural Nets, Phonemic parsing, Infons. iLog/JRules. Planning, Scheduling, rule-based decision making
  • Past projects:  Document processing, including chinese language texts, NSA. Rule-based system deployed to border protection, DHS. Document management, SAIC/FBI. Video On Demand,Java/XML system, COMCAST. EarthWatch,Satellite imaging and mission planning, C++,ITT. UAV payloads..., Raytheon/USAF ... to name a few.
  • Interests:      Go, Halo, Writing fiction, Kenjutsu,Mathematics
  • Schools:        United States Coast Guard Academy, George Mason University
  • Birthday:       April 26
 That's me. Who are you to you? Who are you to your coworkers? 

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