Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Dear LORD, 

Thank You for today. Thank You for helping me to make so many messes today. I made a mess of everything I ventured today, and I made so many of them. But I a grateful. If I weren't making messes, I wouldntve been doing anything. If I weren't making messes, I'd've been taking myself o-so-seriously, and I do too much of that already. Today, however, I got to break the build, twice, and laugh at it and myself with Clayton. He saw me making mistakes, but, instead of getting angry with myself, I laughed at silly me and fixed my errors or let him correct me and fix my errors, himself. Besides, everything doesn't depend on me: Clayton likes to code, too. He's allowed me the space to code, and, today, I gave him opportunities to code, too. Something he hasn't done in a while.

Thank you for Alpna dropping me off at the Celerity bus stop so I could assuage the little girl's worries that, es, she was at the right bus stop, and yes, it was the right bus that took her to the right stop home, and yes, the bus takes a while to reach the stop. Just as soon as I relieved her worries, the bus arrived and her relief, seeing, not believing me, but seeing the bus was palpable.

LORD, let me be a relief to everyone I see today and everyday. Let me remove one worry from their lives, so, today, they can be happy.

I ask this in the Name of Jesus, the Christ.


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