Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Friends: Treasures on Earth

Dear LORD,

Thank You for today.

Thank You for giving me this leadership role on the job, and thank You for helping me to grow into it.

LORD, thank You for granting me strength and perseverance these days. Please help me always to worship You, to cherish my family, and to do well wherever You need me. Help me to do good and help me to avoid evil.

My little Elena Marie is growing up . Please be with her as she struggles along with her changing mind and body. Keep her heart in Your care. Help my little Isabel Marie, and myself, and my wife to eat what is right and healthy and to do so in moderation.

Please be with Diane's parents as they visit. Make our home a welcome one, a place of peace and joy. Please be with her brothers back in the Philippines and also with my extended family and friends, treasures You have sent me on this Earth.

Help me to treasure these gifts You have sent me here and help me to treasure the gifts You lay up in Heaven for those who love, serve, and adore You. Help me and all those who seek You find You and love You in Your glory!

I ask this through Jesus, the Christ.


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