Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"God Knows."

Yes, He does.

Okay, this was ... "fun."

A prayer request went out on twitter for 'special intentions.' I asked what the special intentions were and was told: "God knows."

Yes. God knows.

But what's the problem with that answer?

If God knows, and not I, then my prayers are not for a special intention, but for the general intention.

"Welp, you know, God, so have at it."

I'm already doing this.


One Rosary, at least, per day.

Are do, Miss "God knows"?

The other problem is this:

I have access. You lost your job, you want to change your job? God knows, but so do I. You want to get into editing? I have a friend who's an editor. You want to break into the computer field? Well, guess whom you're talking to-m. You failed Algebra II? Guess how we started homeschooling? The daughter of a friend failed Algebra II and she was being pushed up to the next grade, so, ostenibly, she could fail ... sorry, 'pass,' the next level of math?

But you're special intention does nothing to allow me, another member of the Church Militant, to assist you on your path through this life.

What are we here for? To pray for each other, yes, but also to help each other along. You're reticence is not helping me help your friend.

Here's the third problem with "God knows."

Your special intention? "God, I need another hit of acid. Bad."

So you want me to pray for your special intention?

1. God, who loves you, is depriving you of what you want, because He loves you.
2. It is a sin for me to pray for you to fall further into sin.
3. It is a sin for me to support things blindly.

"Please donate to our special, charitable cause!"

What is your special, charitable cause?

Oh, we provide birth control and recommend abortions to teens needing to get on with their lives.

Do you see the problem with me praying for the special, charitable intention you requested of me?

Or, "I lost my job, please pray for me."

What is your prayer request?

"I want to make sure the welfare check comes in."

Are you looking for a job?

"Well, only so I can get my welfare check."

So, you want me to pray for the intention of continuing government-supported welfare for your friend who does not work, so, Biblically, does not eat, and has continued to live in the squalor of low self-worth and is praying that it continue.

A special intention needs to be treated specially: what is your prayer request, what are the graces asked for.

Also, are you thinking only of yourself and your friend?

When I pray for graces, I ask for the intercession of the Blessed Mother Teresa. She needs just one more confirmed miracle to be recognized a saint, but if I pray for your special intention and you get it, and you don't share the graces received, and by whose intercession, that process of sanctification is further delayed, and by whom? You. And do you know why? Because you are being selfish. You are thinking only of yourself and your friend, who is asking for a special intention but who is not sharing what is needed.

"I am hungry."

Here, eat.

"I am naked."

Here, be clothed.

We, my whole family, does do these actual acts of charity, further, we pray for special intentions and graces, but giving you a grace you do not need, are not ready for, did not ask for may actually cause you to fall further into despair and into sin. And, if you are asking wrongly, it is in God's provenance not to give you something that hurts you.

And I do not want to pray against God's provenance.

Do you?

If you ask for a special intention, then ask for that special intention: you will have people pray for you, knowing what they are praying for, and you actually may receive actual graces that actually help from God's agents here on Earth: bingo, people; bingo: me, because you asked for the specific grace.

If you're asking for general intention, know that the whole Church Militant and Church Triumphant is already praying with you. So why do you need to ask for general intentions? Nobody does, as nobody is that stupid to ask for what they know they are already receiving.

A special intention is special: if you ask for it, be willing to say what it is.

If you're going to go up to the bell, ring it.

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