Sunday, June 14, 2015

Thank an artist today

Now, ... Low Roar is awesome. Obviously. They are making incredible music.

You know who doesn't know that? Low Roar.

After their set, I went up to the band members, except the lead who was otherwise engaged, and I told them this.

"Hey, you're the drummer? That was a really great set."

"Really?" he said. "Thank you!" and he smiled.

Same thing for the synth-guy.

Look, they're making incredible stuff, but the feedback they are getting (like 2 million views on youtube, right?) is not coming back to them.

After the concert, go up to them and say, 'Hey, great stuff; I really liked it.'

Make an artist's day.

Why do I have to say this?

You read a book. It's a good book. Write the author. 'Hey, I really liked your writing.' Do you know how many letters your fav unrecognized (or recognized) author gets that says this?

Zero. Zero per one hundred readers. That's the average.

Beat the odds and be the difference. Make the day of somebody who really needs their day made.

You like that book? You like that song? You admire that painting? Do you know how painful it was for that artist to write that book or song or paint that piece? They did it for the art, of course, but if you say 'hey, good stuff!' your letter could possibly be the one thing that made the difference in their lives to break through to the next work.

As an artist, it's so easy to see your own failings, particularly the failing in your own works, and it's really, really hard to see the impact your work is having in the world, particularly in the silent world, that cold, uncaring, heartless world that you put your work out into and all you get back is indifference.

That indifference is you, dear reader, even, particularly, if you like the work with all your heart, and don't let the artist know this.

So, do yourself a favor. Write a letter to your favorite author or artist and tell them what you like about their work. Today.


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