Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Für Diane

Many happy returns on this, the occasion of your 42nd birthday! May you have all that Life, the Universe, and Everything has to offer on this auspiciously-numbered birthday.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday Diane!

-Mike and Malou

Diane said...

Thanks. And I thought thou hast forgotten. You're also the 2nd person who has quoted Douglas Adams to me on this auspicious day. What can I say? Perhaps I need to leave my Harry Potter for a moment to refresh my memory.

Eve said...

It's been forty two years since that day in 1965, yet I still have that feeling. that I would never, could never be alone in my life anymore. That far or near, there would always be somebody who was once a part of me.

Maligayang Kaarawan!

Note: complete text in my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane! Happy birthday! Man, what I'd give to be 29 again--I'm very jealous. Hope to catch up with you guys soon.

Diane and John V.