Monday, July 23, 2007

"Let me tell you something you don't know"

Diane, Isabel and I were lounging about on the big bed and the subject turned to the crazy things I do, like taking the extreme commute to New Jersey every week.

Me, to Diane: "Well, because, of course, I love you."
Diane: "?"
Me: "Do you know that I love you?"
Diane: "?"
Me, to Isabel: "Do you know that Papa loves Mama?"
Isabel: "?"
Me: "Isabel, I have a secret for you to give Mama."

Isabel loves secrets, so she leaned over.

Me, whispering (loudly): "Tell Mama that Papa loves her."
Isabel delivered the secret, and then there was the bonus, Mama had a secret for her to tell me. After receiving that secret, she sauntered over to me.

Isabel, whispering (loudly): "Mama said, 'Papa loves Mama'"

Diane, hearing this, burst out laughing, because, of course, she told Isabel the contrapositive, but it was all good.

Every laugh-out-loud moment in the family is a good moment.

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