Monday, January 7, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year ...

... to be fired!

We were sitting around tea, our family and EM's god-family, to celebrate EM's baptism day when I embarrassed EM's god-mother with that response to her question of how my work was going.

Mean of me, I know, but actually, as it turns out, this is the best time to be fired. The last 10 christmasses I've been on the job at work (or, in one case, I wasn't at work because I was in the hospital), so I finally got to experience a Christmas at home. Great fun!

And, also, as we've had our share of colds, being at home has allowed me to ease my cara spoza's burden of motherhood. My doing the dishes, cooking, and taking out the trash sure help a wee bit, especially when coughing and sniffling of the brood has kept up Mama all night.

But what's really, um, great, is EM's appendix decided to give out this Sunday. A mad dash to the Emergency Room, followed by an operation that day (the lab technician, looking at the ultrasound: "Yep, I'll call the doctor." The doctor, looking at the ultrasound: "Yep" followed by surgery). Diane took care of EM while I held up the household with Li'l Iz in tow ("I want Mama! *sniff* *sniff*"). Imagine how hard it would be on Diane if I had been in West Chester or Chicago! shudders

Like I said -- it's the most wonderful time of the year ...

... to be home, helping as pater familias

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