Monday, January 7, 2008

Juxtaposition and Irony

Just a free association -- 'cause that's what I'm a bundle of.

"Lina Lamont" -- the platinum blond in "Singin' in the Rain."
"Marilyn Monroe" -- the platinum blond in "There's No Business Like Show Business"

Two "different" girls admired because they are fameous and nothing else. (The quote that sticks out in my mind from "There's No..." as "Marilyn" does a "song and dance" number (she stands in place while everyone else sings and dances around her ... just as Frank "Swoon"atra did in "Guys and Dolls"): "Well isn't it obvious why anyone would fall for her?" -- My answer: "Um, no." -- and this line was delivered by Ethel Merman to Donald O'Connor, both of whom could barely keep their eyes from rolling as it was being said).

I just wish "Singin' in the Rain" came after "There's No ...", but I suppose that would have made the irony too obvious.

Irony, n., as defined by Testaments Betrayed (this, along with this essay, should be required reading by all philosophers, that is to say, by everybody (because, after all, everybody should be asking themselves "why are we here?", shouldn't they? as they are living their lives)), is saying something with complete sincerity, while living the complete contradiction. Just as, recently, Jodie Foster lamblasted "Sin City" for its gratuitous violence towards children. Her statement caused quite a stir of righteous indignation. All I can think, as I read that piece, was what Milan Kundera would say, barely suppressing the rolling of the eyes: "Um, hello?" (which is French (because he's Czech, don't you know) for "... irony, anyone?")

Putting "Marilyn Monroe" in the light of "Lina Lamont" makes me wonder why anyone would ever desire to imitate this chimera (caveat link-follower: do yourself a favor, mute your computer) ... oh, wait; nevermind.

Thethought for the day:
 Algernon Moncrieff:Cecily is the sweetest, prettiest girl in the world; I care not a fig for her societal prospects.
 Lady Bracknell:Never mock society, Algy; only those who can't get in do that.

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