Thursday, December 10, 2009

Letter to EM on St. Nick's day

Dear EM,

Happy St. Nicholas day! I hope you enjoyed yours. By your huge smiles as I opened the presents you and Li'l Iz gave me, it looked like you did.

But do you know what was my favourite present of the bunch? My favourite present ws not for me, but the one you gave to Mama. Remeber it? It was the heart of hearts that showed that you do love her.

I see that it's heard for you sometimes, trying to do the things you'd like to do, trying to be the person you are. Just remember no matter how difficult things or times become, we love you. Mama and Papa love you, and we are so happy to receive your love in return.

It is hard doing what you do and being who you are, but remember and know that we love you, and we are very proud of you: what you do and who you are.

Keep being you and discovering who you are.

Because we love you.

Doug (that's "Papa" to you, Miss EM)

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