Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Portents of a Cold Winter

When grandparents are far, we revel in the warmth that others shower on us and our girls. When they give us handmade presents, we bask in the love they send in a special way. But perhaps they just knew that it will be an unusually cold winter for us. Or that little girls need colorful tents and forts as they spend many hours indoors.

From the hands of an adopted Grandma and Aunt (don't we call all of them nice folks, aunts and uncles?) Wanda, crocheted blankets with signs of spring: yellow tulips.

And from Anda's sister, not ever called Lola, and forever called Tita Femme, granny square blankets in colors that complement the receivers' personalities.

Thank you for your wonderful works and gifts!

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