Sunday, May 19, 2013

Be Gentle...

This is the birthday card cover from my sister, Beki.

Inside was better:

"April 29, 2013

Dear Doug,

I wished I had left this card for you in VA to find on your birthday, as I had originally planned. I even thought about giving it to you blank at the bus station because, as you can see, we had the same birthday wish for you, which is so dang cool!

I saw this card at Whole Foods, and after being blessed with several heartwarming, deeply satisfying visits, these were my best pieces of advice for you — my remaining wishes.  Be gentle, breathe; stay in the moment; remember the big picture; and sing. Sing loudly. sing FUlly. Sing skankily :)! Sing like those are the last words to pass from your living lips. Sing bravely.

I love you and I am glad you are my big brother. Thank you for giving me the gift of knowing you a little better, a little more honestly, during your birthday week.

You are truly a blessing in my life.

Forever yours,

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