Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Better Day

Yesterday I wrote "TOMORROW will be a better day."

And, by the Grace of God, it was.

I got my application stitched together and working. I got (mostly) caught up on my writing. Didn't quite, but I had only one-hundred words to make up. I got eleven hours of sleep.

Everything that was going wrong, no matter how much effort I threw at it: work, writing, sleep, is now going right.

What changed?

Nothing. If anything, I'm 'trying harder' less at these efforts.

It's how I choose to look at things: my application now works, which I deem a success (although I am no closer to delivering a finished, working product, end-to-end then I was yesterday or the day before ... always something to fix or to tweak), I slept a lot before, I sleep a lot now. I exercised before, I exercise now. I wrote before, I'll write now.

Nothing changed. I changed.

My attitude changed.

So, today calls, its business is sucking me in, but before I get involved in today, and forget yesterday, and the promises I've made, I now stop, pausing to be grateful for this moment of happiness.

I now choose to be happy about my situation, my lot in life, whereas before I was angry and frustrated. I still have that anger and frustration, that drive, but now it doesn't consume me, becoming me. No, now it's something I have, I acknowledge I have, and I move on.

Thank you, LORD Jesus, for giving me this day, where nothing has changed, but it's tomorrow, and, as I promised myself, it is a better day, just because I've accepted it as that.


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