Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Dear LORD ... DADDY!

I saw a note today on our fridge: "Mama, can I have the iPod. For Listening. Please." and it touched my heart. 

How easily I am persuaded to say "Yes!" — and eagerly — to my daughters! Is it like that with You? Are You waiting, with breath held, for me to ask so You may say "Yes" and say it eagerly and shower me with the superabundance of Your blessings?

I write on a blank page: "This page intentionally left blank." Why are pages left blank? Ary they there, not by our design, but by Yours, so that they may be filled by the outpouring of our hearts? Are they intentionally blank so we many see the silence of them and give You the space for You to be You?

Children are always asking permission of their mothers, and Mothers are always saying "no." Why is that? And children love their mothers more tha anything.  But children know, when they want to hear "Yes" they need only ask their fathers. When do we forget that, LORD, and why? Is that why You want us to be unto like little children? So that we may ask and so that You may say "Yes" and so we may play with each other and be happy and You may watch us, the proud Papa, proud that we are who we are, in Your Image and Likeness, and that we're pretty good kids, considering. All we need to do is to remember that and be safe as we play under Your Loving Protection.

O Happy Fault! Why did Adam ever bite into that apple? Is it because people are people and must find their own way? Please help us find our way back to you, LORD.

I ask this in the Name of Jesus, the Christ.


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