Wednesday, February 12, 2014

'D' is for Dreams


Dream 1:

So, I was lost in a large garden and I had a heart-shaped candy, it was very big and when I bit into it the outside was hard candy but the inside was sweet and smooth and creamy and fruity, and I kept looking for you, Mama, but I couldn't find you and I had to do my lessons.

Dream 2:

So, I was holding an egg, and the inside was filled with custard but I only got a little bit of it.

me: what was its color? was it speckled?
EM: Why does that matter?
Mama: What do you remember from your dream?
EM: It was a plain, white egg.

me: how big was it?
EM: It was as big as me (and she demonstrated by rolling up into a fœtal position)

Li'l Iz:

I had a dream, too! I dreamt that Até and I were in a large building, and Até went off to play manhunt with her friends, but then Mama said we had to go and for me to go get Até, but I couldn't find her, even after I looked and look, and I told Mama that. Mama said Até left me everything in her will, so I said 'Yay!' but I was sad, too, because I liked playing with Até.

EM: Hey!


I had a dream, once, twenty years, thirty years ago. I dreamed I was the Silver Surfer, and I was on the waters far, far in the middle of the Pacific ocean, and I was surfing across the waves on a sailboard. The wind was incredibly strong: it knocked the tops of the waves off, capping them, and the spray splashed me and my board, staining it with salt. It was very cold, the sky was gray with clouds, there was no sun, and the ocean was so cold the water was black, but I was not cold, inside. I was alone: it was just me with the wind and the water and the horizon that extended into Eternity, and that was enough.

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