Sunday, April 1, 2007

I'm "officially" old ...

... but so what?

This post ought to cause a few chuckles, as my readership, with one or two exceptions, has the advantage of years over me. But, I digress, as always.

And digression is one of the privileges of age.

I'm not old because I'm 40 (other people take decade birthdays as something momentous; I take each day as something momentous and something beautiful).
I'm not old because I eat less than what I ate as a teen.
I'm not old because I mention things not in contemporary context (because, well, I've always done that).

No, I'm old because I was shocked to learn that this year is the "Star Trek" franchise's 40th anniversary. I'm as old as "Star Trek" is, and more than half of those actors are dead!

I'm also old because at this last weekend's Amway conference I was warned that traffic would be bad Friday night because Meatloaf was giving a concert in Hershey park.

"Wow!" I shouted. And the receptionist responded, "Yeah, can you believe it?"

"Yes, but his performance in Fight Club as Bob was spot on." I answered.

The receiptionist replied with a quizzical smile. Of course, she's too young to have seen Fight Club.

... and that's when I paused to think: "How come there are no more new really hard rockers? Did taking chances in the rock genre fade away in the early 80s?"

I'm old.

But, then again, so what? I'm still "me". I still run up the stairs into the office and squeal, "They are giving away dunkin' donuts downstairs!" and do the bouncy-bouncy when happy (I usually get the "forgot to take your meds this morning?" with that one).

So, it makes not one whit of difference to me. Life goes on, and I'm going on with it.

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Bill said...

Hmmm, I can remember all that "old" stuff too! And I can remember when Star Wars was high tech...