Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Slaying Dragons

Well, here I am in Philly New Jersey, slaying dragons; or, depending on your view, tilting at windmills. This being the second contract with my current client, TUSC, they feel happy enough to throw me into the fire, again.

This involves me becoming a geographical bachelor, again. As my dear family escorted me to the airport, Elena Marie asked "Papa, why do you have so many contracts [implied: 'away from home'] this year? Why?"

Oof! Of course, it's in my job description: provide and protect; and part of that providing can be fufilled by getting contracts, but not necessarily. So, in a way, it's good that I have a new contract, so, ya know, we can eat and have a roof over our heads. Idleness is a curse, and a man must work "by the sweat of his brow". But is it the highest good to be away from my family all week, every week? If I were to die tonight, would I regret my decision?

No, but no. Or, put another way, the current temporal good (me having a contract to support the family, albeit far from home), currently carries more immediacy than the eternal good: Diane and the girls in heaven. It doesn't necessarily mean that the temporal good cannot assist in the eternal, but it surely hurts like a hammer to the thumb for us all to live through this temporal good.

Elena Marie, having her 5 years of experience to benefit her, was able to handle the parting at the airport well enough, even laughing at my silliness. But poor Isabel, the separation for 5 days was too much to bear, and she couldn't think to acknowledge our parting, but she mended a bit when she saw her ate hold her hand to the van's glass, and I "joined" my hand to hers through the glass. Isabel smiled and did the same with me before I schlumphed off to the gate, which warmed my forlorn heart quite a bit.

So, here it is, Wednesday night of week one away from home, again. And here I am packing, bemusedly, because I can't wait to get home to my ladies, but already this visit home is broken up by an Amway conference, immediately followed by me turning around, again, to leave for work in distant lands.

Lord God, have mercy on us. You all, pray for us; we pray for you.

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Diane said...

We manage. And the girls are so resilient. I will even dare say that we had a great week! Just see the number of drawings/projects/knick-knacks that await you, all handmade by the little ones.