Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's the Pirate's Birthday!

Ahoy, me hearties! Welcome to our Cyber Party for the Doug-meister! He's turning 40 tomorrow, April 26, and will be partying solo, unless we get this one rolling. So grab a mug and pull up a chair. The kettle's on and we have Earl Grey tea, Doug's all-time favorite. Or a bottle of rum for the pirates in our midst. Either one should go well with the yummy chocolate chocolate chip cookies that the girls baked for y'all!

As his previous post indicated, he is somewhere in PA/NJ, fulfilling his obligation to God and his family. We're happy that he does have that contract but terribly miss having him within a 5-mile radius, and available for lunch dates.

Doug, the Coastie. He's mighty proud of his country, his alma mater, and that big ol' Coast Guard ring his little girls love to borrow. Because he's not a coastie anymore, his inner genius was allowed to blossom. Or as he described himself in his Amazon wishlist: Mensan, algorist, gamester (go, chess, bridge).

Doug, the married guy. He's George and I'm Gracie. He's the funny guy and I indulge him. Just look at that picture! And at our wedding too! But at least he didn't do this at our reception ...

This one's at Beki's and we were 9 months married. That's when he decided to show his true dancing feet. White man can reggae, mon!

Doug, the Papa. Ahhh, he's the softie. The one with the pusong mamon (heart made of sponge cake). The one who refused to put down his sleeping baby because she might wake up. His baby is now 5 going on 15 years old.

Then another baby was born, and Doug is now the Papa of two princesses! How could his heart bear this? But he has managed, or should I say that they've managed him? If the older one can make pronouncements and give instructions like a true-blue Princess Number 1, the younger one can quiver her lips and toss her curls like a true-blue Princess "Me-Too"!

Doug, the honorary Pinoy, can look resplendent in any-color Barong Tagalog, and out-brag any expat with his Doug-style Tagalog. And be understood! His favorite phrase: hindi mabebenta! (literally, "can't be sold" referring to his fluency in the language and how the natives cannot run rings around him.) Happily, the girls seem to have his genes and are adding words to his repertoire.

Doug, the experienced traveler, emphasis on experienced, with carrying baby bags, pushing strollers, entertaining antsy kids on a 24-hour flight. All for a dip in the pool, a massage and hot-oil treatment with his haircut, an unparalleled view ....

That's our Doug. We love you!


Jeff and Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday Doug!
And thanks, Diane for sending the great pictures. I specifically remember the first picture on the wall in our hall right next to his uncle Johnny's baby picture. It was hard to tell them apart (except for the age of the photograph). Man, are we proud of you and happy for you and your beautiful family.
May God continue to bless you all!

Lowrey said...

Happy Birthday!!
I'll spin a jig for you, and wish I could be there to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Doug dear,
Maligayang Bati sa iyong kaarawan!!!
They say - life begins at 40 - but that is not true in your case. You have had 40 wonderful years with wonderful and beautiful women in your life. May God continue to bless you and family in the years to come.
love, nina, baby, tess, liza, belle, sonny, natz, ditas, lito, jing and lilit

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!
Although I'm sure it's not the same as celebrating with your girls in person, isn't it nice to have technology working in your favor to help keep you connected? (Great work Diane!) And celebrating for two weekends... how decadent and deserved. Forty...a great milestone, not for the numbers you've accumulated but for how you've filled your time. Best wishes for many more years to fill with happy memories!

Jen and Matt

P.S. Thanks for leaving behind your leftover cake. We sure enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Doug!
Congtatulations on turning 40! We are celebrating by trying to plan our two week Russian trip in five days. Boy, do I love the internet. Great for travel plans but also a huge help in keeping us all connected-- connections I wouldn't trade for anything! Thank you so much to Diane for all your work on the Birthday Blog. Great pictures! Great comments! Makes me wish I was there, but I guess for this birthday, this is as close as I can get (sniffle). Keep those birthdays coming, Doug! I hope we'll celebrate the next one together.
I love you lots and lots,

Anonymous said...


Maligayang bati from the Ledesma family! May you have many many more to come. God bless!

Jon Jae

Dennis said...

Hi Michael! Happy Happy Birthday! We miss having you here in Manila. Hopefully we'll be seeing each other again soon. Congratulations on your 4 decades of amazing and fruitful life. Wow! Next year it'll be my turn. I wish you all the best for the next 4 decades. And even the next 4 after that :) God Bless You!

- Dennis

Eve said...

Maligayang Bati
Sa iyong pagsilang
Maligaya, maligaya
Maligayang Bati!

Do let the little ones sing the birthday song to you. Parang kami na rin ang kumakanta sa iyo!

From Marikina with love, here's wishing you good health always, good fortune forever, love and happiness in the family and God's blessing at all times.

To our favorite in-law, luv ya!

Mama, Papa & Omar

Howland Brown said...

Happy Birthday MC Fresh!

How could Dianne not post a photo of you and Mike saving the entire universe (known and unknown)??!?! Well, sometimes the greatest sacrifices are done in secret (or late at night). Anyway, I digress... I want to wish you all the best for your birthday and I'm sorry we haven't seen each other in a while - I miss you. Crack open a heffeveizen (no idea how to spell that) and raise your glass to all of the blessings in your life.



Anonymous said...

Happy 40th Birthday!!! And lots more to come!! God Bless!!

Jing and Claudia

The Colosi's said...

Happy Birthday Doug from all the whole Colosi clan!!!

May God Bless you this year with peace, joy and prosperity so you can dance the crazy dance you did at Bekki's wedding. Love that picture!!!

Bob, Jenn, Maria, Sophia, Teresa, Anthony

Ron & Pam said...


Maligayang Bati! Maligayang Kaarawan! Didn't know you were out-of-town until Diane told me so. That's why you were not with the ladies when we had a get together last Saturday at Imelda's new house. Anyways, wish you all the best. Hope you have a great day, with or without your pretty princesses. But of course, it would be much better if you're all together celebrating your 40th Birthday. Happy Birthday from the Mata family. May God always bless you and your beautiful family. By the way, I like your blog. Very funny, amusing and interesting! Cool! Keep it up!

Pam, Ron & Aaron

Leon, Wing and Pyxie said...

Zhu ni shengri kuai le!

From the Li Family (Leon, Wing and Pyxie)

P.S. Maybe you can send some tips to Leon on how to handle the looong flight from NA to the Philippines with a baby?

eyeleen said...

I hope I'm not too late for the party!

Doug, I hope you had a wonderful birthday, I hope the celebration you have when you are able to be with Ate Diane and girls is full much joy and happiness

Peace and love to you on this happy day!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Doug,

Happy 40th Birthday, Doug!

You have been blessed with so much, He must have you in his "Favorites!" We celebrate with you the happiness, the success, the friends, the family, the love that makes you "You -- Doug, Michael, Dad, son, friend,..."

Though late and last,
Always with heartfelt prayers,

Danny, Sterie, Maica and Jad Yap

Diane, what a great gift -- what a manifestation of magnanimity!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday doug !!!
SANA ANDITO KA SO i can coordinate
your 4oth bday party. Siempre will make it great for you. So next year ha? uwi kayo dito.

thanks DIANE for sending the pictures, i like that idea.

ate joy

MyrnaRusellSimone said...

Happy 40th, belated! God bless you and your wonderful family always! God bless you for being part of Diane's life =)

Mr.Bill Waller said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! !

...So, to install a nuclear engine on a bus, complete with oiano lounge... you think that's realy possible?


Anonymous said...

Sure, but he'd need my help to do it. Fourth order mathematics, fine, but when you do shielding equations? Fuggedaboutit!

Happy belated, doug!


Dinah said...

Hi Doug,
Belated happy birthday! Sorry for this very late greetings. I just got this birthday blog, because i don't check my yahoo mail that often anymore. Hope you had fun. May God continue to bless you with good health. Diane,thanks for sharing these beautiul pictures. Hope to see you guys again. Let us know when you plan to swing by San Francisco. Take care and God bless.
Romy, Dinah, Romina & Aaron