Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happiness@work: HOWTO

Three stories today about work and happiness:

  • I found out today how to put a smile on the boss' face. I walked right up to him this morning and said:

    "I feel good about today. I'm going to make some real progress on [...]"

    He was surprised into a smile, and said, "That's a good thing for me to hear." and when I laughed, he said, "No, really!"

    What are you doing? Follow the above ("no really") link and read the article. Don't just skip to the next story; read the linked article, now!

  • You know how to make your coworkers and clients happy? A morning entrance with one dozen Dunkin Donuts (I've found the Chocolate Glazed to be the favored):

    "Oooh!" they complain, "I shouldn't be eating this! *munch-munch-munch*"

  • You know how the client makes me happy (besides the obvious): the B-50 Keurig with supplied Green Mountain Coffee French roast servings.

    Oh. My. Goodness. My entire coffee experience has been rebourne supremacy.

    Just as "my younger brother" Mr. Robt Ferrars pronounced: "If I had any money to spare, I would [buy one for myself]".

    ... and you should, too: it's that good. Besides, any supporter of the Green Mountain State and its coffees has my vote (for secession from the union? I thought that's been tried already elsewhere).

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