Monday, May 7, 2007

Wisa and Wisa

Elena Marie is a little explorer ... perhaps she's a pirate! And one day, she came across my shoe-shining kit, which includes cotton rounds, not synthetic ones (as they will scratch the leather -- this is a very important point for archival shoe-shining purposes). The cotton rounds immediately reminded her of her "friend" "Wisa" (but perhaps not Thea or Thetha or Mea or Meesa). So she demanded, and received, a cotton round which she christened "Wisa", post haste.

Of course, whatever ate does, Isabel follows suite immediately, so she demanded, and received, a cotton round, which she also named "Wisa".


Elena Marie saw a problem here: "I will name mine 'Meetha'."
... with Isabel chiming right after: "I will name mine 'Meetha'."

"NoooOOO! Isabel, we both can't have friends with the same name!" Elena Marie declared, losing her temper.

Well, Isabel may be the perfect follower, but do not rock her boat. After some wailing, tears, and did I see some gnashing of teeth?, I explained that is was, indeed, possible for two people to have two different friends, both with the same name.

The happy conclusion was that their friends (the cotton rounds) reverted (or, to please my father no end: "reverted back") to their original names.

Saturday night, at the request of Elena Marie, we polished our shoes. This is a great way to have "quantity" time together as a family, which she enjoys very much, but her request also came from another need: since she lost Wisa some time ago, getting to the shoe-polishing activities also means getting to the Wisa-source: the bag of cotton rounds.

So, aside from a minor mishap (Isabel stepping into the edge dressing -- the pouted lip after my scolding ("Now, Isabel, I told not to step there: lookit, you foot is all dirty") quickly averted by a distraction ("Lookovader! Is that a hedgehog?")), the day ended in classic Greek comedy style: the Wisa's had been returned to their doting owners.

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