Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Azalea Girls Talk About Their Day

Elena: We went to the azaleas. We saw a raccoon. And then, Isabel needed to go potty. And then she tripped and fell. Then, she got up and we head for the potty.

We saw the azaleas. Pink, red, orange, white.

We climbed a tree. Then we went to the gardens and saw flowers ...

Isabel: And bees! We take the pictures. We walked in the gardens and then we saw flowers. And then we walked up the stairs and we walked across the street. We looked at frogs ... three frogs and we walked on the bridge.

Elena: We touched and smelled leaves in the garden. We ran and went to the towers ... columns. And then we saw real fish. Koi. They were trying to get food from us but there was no food.

We went to the parking lot and we saw a man and he had in his car, little trees. Bonsai! He was too late to bring the bonsai into the garden for the show. Bonsai is a little tree that you trim.

The end.

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