Saturday, December 29, 2007

High Five!

As we were eating lunch, EM was crowing about her excellence in using her peripheral vision.

EM: Look, Papa! I can see you.
Me: That's great, holding up my hand, how many digits am I holding up?

EM keeps her head facing forward, but her eyes noticeably slided over to look.

EM: Five!

After much laughter, her mother explained the proper use of peripheral vision, and we demonstrated by example, I held up my hand for my dear wife to count digits and ...

EM and Isabel, in direct view of my demonstration, shouted together: Five!

... at which the parents did the only thing left to them, exchanged high fives.

N.B.: see how I artfully side-step the great "Is the thumb a finger?" debate. Digits come from the Latin: di meaning ten and gits from the Sawfern (e.g. Git on ovah he-ah, so I can learn you real gooh(d)!)

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