Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Originally posted Aug 8, 2005

Writing from work; it's 4 p.m. here/4 a.m. in the Philippines, and I'm still feeling the Philippine time, 'cause I'm barely keeping my eyes open here, as I type.

But, I'm back in the saddle: I approached returning to work with a bit of trepidation, being away for nearly three weeks, but I needn't have worried. It was if I hadn't been gone at all (meaning, instead of the screams that the systems were not working and the overflowing inbox, it was business as usual -- perhaps everyone else took vacations at the same time and of the same duration?).

Diane and the children miss me, Isabel, especially, who cries at the mere mention of the word 'P-a-p-a' (so Diane is now forced to think of new ways to address her own father...). I miss them, terribly, as well. So, when Mother and Auntie Sissy came to visit, instead of consoling me, they (well, Auntie Sissy) decided to do a bit of teasing. I was informed that Beki answers questions affirmatively with the word "leths", just as Elena Marie does. After my heart broke in two, I thanked Auntie Sissy for helping me deal with the pain of separation.

I did, finally, after 17 attempts, get through to Diane (gosh, one would think that 'round-da-world land-line would be more reliable!) this morning. She was allowed to speak to me for two seconds before Isabel grabbed the phone away from her. Diane told me, as I spoke to Isabel (it's rather a one-sided conversation, as Isabel said only: "Papa!" and laughed on occasion, which was more than enough to overfill my heart ... *sob*), that li'l Iz (that's her stage name, don't you know: she's starting her career as a hip-hop diva) had a rapt look that was a cross between joy and awe.

If I was writing this with a pen, I'd be force to put it down for a bit, here.

Diane informs me that she hands the kids (toy) cellphones, and they entertain themselves by calling me and have phone conversations. So, then I talked with Elena Marie. She informed me she was playing with money. When asked how much money she had, she responded sauvely, "I have one-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight moneys!" "That's alotta money!" I exclaimed. The exclamation either scared or embarrassed her, as she immediately handed the phone off to her Tata Omar.

Ah, well, it was good while it lasted...


Okay, my hankie's soaked enough, so I'm off to do some more Dance-dance Revolution (by the way, in case you're wondering; I'm back to the 'hard' setting ('Insane steps'), and have managed to improve from before the vacation ... maybe because I'm taking the game's advice and "get[ting] crazy on the dance floor!") and some more sleep (which I need right about now).

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