Sunday, May 11, 2008

Musical Chairs

Isabel was feeling rather daring and saucy a couple of days ago (well, not only a couple of days ago, but everyday; however, the particulars are cemented in my mind for this occasion), so she leapt into her até's chair and preened: I'm a big girl; I'm sitting in até's chair; la-la-la!

Elena immediately charged the red cape, attempting to squeeze her way onto her own, occupied, chair. Nothing doing. Let's share the chair, Isabel! Nopidy-nopidy-nu!

Then, my not-so-little-anymore Elena Marie got a clever idea and a clever look. She ran to her little sister's chair, and enthroned herself there. Look at me! she countered, I'm sitting in a comfy-cushy chair!

This tipped the scales in an entirely new direction. Isabel jumped off her captured prize and ran to her own chair, pleading with her até to yield, who, God bless her, chose the conciliatory route. Let's trade chairs, then. Both parties argeed, both parties roosted on their own (original) nests with beams of pleasure at their victories.

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