Saturday, May 10, 2008

Survey Says

The survey is as follows, with the caveat that one can only use one word to answer each question. What are your answers? Mine are below.

  1. Where is your cell phone?

  2. Your significant other?

  3. Your hair?

  4. your Skin?

  5. Your mother?

  6. your favorite thing?

  7. Your dream last night?

  8. Your favorite drink?

  9. Your dream/goal?

  10. The room you're in?

  11. Your ex?

  12. Your fear?

  13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?

  14. Where were you last night?

  15. What you're not?

  16. Muffins?

  17. One of your wish list items?

  18. Where you grew up?

  19. The last thing you did?

  20. What are you wearing?

  21. Your TV?

  22. Your pets?

  23. Your computer?

  24. Your life?

  25. Your mood?

  26. Missing someone?

  27. Your car?

  28. Something you're not wearing?

  29. Favorite Store?

  30. Your summer?

  31. Like someone?

  32. Your favorite color?

  33. When is the last time you laughed?

  34. Last time you cried?

  35. Who will/would re-post this?

  36. Whose Answers are you anxious to see?


Can you match the answerer to the answers? The players are Momma, my sisters, Lynda and Beki, my cara spoza, and moiself (that is French)? Okay, the give-away hint is that I am the last answerer (But, then again, who else would add footnotes to his answers (yes, "his", obviously, in this case, 'cause I'm the only one with a Y chromosome answering these questions and going to ballets entitled Cinderella it appears, but that's an entirely different blog entry ... by my answering the survey, however, detracts in no way from my manliness, because I, being pater familias and all, am a manly man -- "Men, men, men, men [bis-bis]").

1. pursechargingCOFFEETABLE pursedesk
2. HowlandToddY'ALL DougSaintly1
3. heavypurpleIKKY naturalcropped
4. agingexpandingTHINNING tannedscratchy
5. LouisianamendingUNLUCKY hipperfect2
6. chocolatecarsSOFA learningmaths
7. immemorablefiredDUNNO homeSFF3
8. mochaslushHAZELNUT mochawater
9. serenityinvestedROMANCE childrenheaven
10. computerkitchenBEDROOM schoolroomoffice
11. unknownhauntingCOMPLICATED forgottennon-EXistent [giddit?]
12.insanityalone REGRETSScrewtapeMary
13.eventingenjoying HEALTHYhomePhilippines
14.couchtattoos SOFAschoolroomsnoring
15.patientenergetic HELPFULpatientafraid
16.pumpkinnone NADAsconescorn
17.peacefreedom LOVEfreedomson
18.Connecticutchaos HOTSVILLEMarikinaasea
19.sleptvisited POOPEDcookedDDR
20. pajamasredSWEATS pajamasbeard4
21. ancientoverwhelmingTINY silentbooks
22. abundantnon-existent GRANDCHILDREN Darcyfat5
23. laptopagingOK G5actualizing
24. exhaustingforcedCOASTING exhaustingsimple
25. subduedhopefulCONFUSED wiredexuberant
26. NanasiblingsWOW homeMrBingley
27. bluesanctuaryTHERE minivanborrowed
28. makeupshoes BRA contactskilt6
29. cooptargetGOODWILL onlineBorders
30. disjointedinspiringHOT slowStCroix
31.Alisonnieces COUSINSbrothersMike
32.purplepurple TOURQUOISEpurple :-)MontyPithon
33.yesterdayyesterday TVtodayaujourd'hui
34.yesterdaytoday PHONEhmmm...driving
35.Momcoworkers DUNNOnobodyJasmine
36.Lynda'sDouglas' DIANE'SDoug'sDad


0 My cara spoza is in a bind: the monthly prayer meditations from the Pope are not written in language that is easily consumable by young children. There is a translator, but this person is habitually late, so she asked me if I would do the translations, with one caveat: "No FOOTNOTES!" was her imperious plea. Hm, a post from me sans footnotes ... is that possible? (Matt 19:26 -- But please note that Jerusalem also had a gateway entrance known as the needle, so YMMV, depending on whether the greek word was "camel" or "cable" and whether He meant a threading needle or the Needle gate (where the only way a camel could enter was for the rider to dismount and for the saddlebags to be removed)).
1 Who other than a saint could put up with me for 11 years ... straight? St. Howland, St. Todd, how's it going, bros?
2 Or as Mary Poppins says: "Practically perfect in every way!"
3 "Let me take you down 'cause I'm goin' to Strawberry Fields [Forever] ..."
4 Yes, I have a beard even though I shaved today; Aaron knows this problem well and personally ... is it a male Auclair thing?
5 But that's the fault of the saintly person who locked them in the food closet overnight...
6 A curious Hinglish native, asked, with reddened cheeks, "But what, sir, do you wear under the kilt?" The proper Scotsman answered with complete aplomb: "Socks, madam, and then shoes."

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