Sunday, June 23, 2013

Visit Alaska

Do so visit Alaska!

The bears ate neither me nor my siblings, but perhaps we were lucky? No, we weren't in Unalaska, either: I was stationed in Kodiak and also ended up in Attu, and my brother-in-law and his family have been dropped into the wilderness.

There's something mystical about being with other people of other cultures, and there's something life-changing about being alone, so alone that you know that you are the only person right here, and you know you will have been the only person ever to be where you are with the sky different, the mountain looking down, right into your soul, and the trees your only company. I savored this alone-time.

It also gave me a new appreciation of other people. There's a person! She or he is saying something to me! What are they sharing? Why are they sharing with me? How am I to be for this person so they can share from their heart to mine?

Do visit Alaska. I was stationed in Hawaii, but spent 200 days of the year up there, North of the Arctic circle, and was grateful for the months at sea the solitary time on land, sometimes among the flanneled people passing by in their pick-up trucks. 

If I go back, I might just stay.

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