Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lunch at Chilis with Mom

Yesterday was a good day. Really. Mom and I went for a walk, we went to the thrift store to donate stuff, went to Chilis, where she's never been before ... she liked the grilled salmon lunch, but the virgin margarita that I ordered was just too sour to be drinkable ... she does like the Hazelnut coffees I make her when she (rarely) requests (I just had to add that).

After Chilis I was out. Fifteen hours straight, and got up this morning woozy. Ick.

Mom and I had a heart-to-heart talk this morning. She's more worried about me than she is for herself, and we talked about life. I told her how things were going with me and family and life and she listened. I also told her how proud I am of her, how she's facing these treatments and losing her hair and being just so brave, so cheerful and assured about it, even as she may be facing her mortality. After our talk she demanded one, no, two hugs from me.

I showed her the picture of our little Elena Marie in braces, smiling like all get-out, and Mom laughed and laughed and laughed, just so delighted for her granddaughter.

We're off to chemo in a bit. It takes two-plus hours, what with the set-up and breaks, and then home for her to recover, where I will wait on her hand and foot.

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