Monday, March 22, 2010

Pulling Out Handfuls of Hair

Mom had a not-good morning. She was still asleep maybe? And she was moaning as she was breathing. I asked how she was doing as she 'nested' on her couch doing soduko watching the news, and she said she felt nauseous a little bit.

Just a few minutes ago, after she noticed that she had some hair in her bonnet, she pulled out a handful, and she's been finger combing her hair to get out the loose hairs. She's being strong about it, but I think she's a bit scared, so she's angry at other stuff ("I don't wanna read this book, why did I suggest it to the book club?").

She's trying to be chipper, and she gave me a hug and told me how glad I was here now, and I'm so glad I am here during these 'in-between' days, but we'll see how things go.

She seriously freaked out when another woman told her the extreme measures someone else went through for her breast cancer, so sometimes she doesn't want to talk about things, fyi.

... update: the hair just keeps coming out. Mom: "I'm not crying." She's planning to have Sissy cut her hair, perhaps this morning, perhaps later today. It isn't helping that we've had a cold-snap this morning, because otherwise Mom would've gone outside to brush out her hair. She's annoyed that she's getting her hair all over her stuff.

All for now. I'll update later when I have something good or bad to share. Chemo is March 24, and I'll be headed back to D.C. March 27th.

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