Thursday, March 25, 2010

Storm then Sunshiny Day

Mom took the chemo treatment really well. What helped, besides her, was the that staff was so friendly and funny, and her doctor really took a lot of time talking with her about her previous treatment and how she did in the weeks that followed.

I don't know if the doctor was younger than me, but he had a twinkle in his eye and he was kind and patient, a good listener.

I spent chemo with Mom, and she watched TV, the news. Not the best thing for her in my view, because the news was full of the death threats against law-makers in the House for passing health insurance reform, so she really cringed through those reports, but she wanted to watch that, so I didn't get all whatever ... but then she worked on her sudoku and she lent me a sudoku book, too, and we did that, which I think was very relaxing for her, as first one set and then another set went in.

After that, I took Mom home, and she cooked this turkey-leg spaghetti thing for supper and we had that (she had a little bit of that), and we sat and watched more news and did more sudoku.

Sigh! I messed up my puzzle but good: I needed a 4 in two places and that finally caused me to call it a night.

A thunderstorm swept through town, and it was thundering and raining so hard Mom worried that it would crash through the window, and the wind was so hard that the Cathedral bell went clank-clank all through the night. The only remnant of the storm this morning was a few puddles on the sidewalk to the trash bin, however.

Mom's not really up for talking with anybody today; she doesn't like talking about the treatment at all, so I'm trying to field phone calls. But there were some good news that brightened up her day. Malou just gave birth to Michael David Wuerthele at 9 lbs 13 oz, and Diane forwarded a very cute baby pic. AND my family forwarded a care package for Mom and me, including shortbread cookies (for Mom?) and nutty bars (definitely for me!) and letters and pictures from the girls.

Mom was just so happy to see those news(es?).

So she's nesting on the couch now, but I have word that we'll go for a walk today ... it's a bright, sunshiny day, so I hope it's a nice walk for us.

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