Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunshine-y Day

My last report was rather grim, with mom pulling out handfuls of hair and trying to be strong about that, emotionally. This one, thank goodness, is chipper-er.

Mom is still pulling out handfuls of hair, as she did not get her hair cut off yesterday as planned (it was very cold in LC (Lake Charles) yesterday and this morning), but her disposition is much sunnier. It was sunny yesterday but kind of forced sunny. Today, because the temp went up to 70 deg and the sun, itself, came out as well, well: that also seemed to lift her spirits, too.

Diane sent a private clip of Isabel practicing for a dance, and Mom complained fiercely about the back-only view (sorry, Sweetie), but nearly cried with joy when Isabel flashed a smile at the camera. Good thing Diane archived the girls' "Do the Hokey-Pokey" dance, because that really made her morning and she was laughing with joy through the whole dance (particularly with Diane's instructions to the girls 'Other left leg, Elena').

We usually go out for a walk, then an outing to see friends. We didn't go on a walk yesterday (too cold for Mom), but we did see Sissy.

Today we went out on an extended walk (for Mom), but no outing. She 'threw' me out of the house so I could get some more exercise, and I had a lovely walk to myself on the boardwalk.

I made her some Hazelnut coffee which she enjoyed and we'll be having some gumbo that I cooked for her yesterday.

A business-like report, but that's actually good, because she wasn't very stormy emotionally today, and when she was, it was cheerful stormy. Like her pleased-angry reaction to the news (and please don't get political, my lovelies, with me or Mom ... I'm just passing on Mom's moods, not judging them, okay?) of the passage of the Health Ins Bill in the House.

Mom, complaining: "And not one darn republican voted in favor of it!"
Me: "Aw, poor Momma! Do you want a hug from a Republican?"
Mom, angrily: "No! I don't want a hunk of a republican, thank you!"
I looked at her quizzically.
Mom, confused: "Wait, did you say 'hug from a republican'? Well, then, sure!"

We hugged and she was happy.

She mentioned she loved the upscale Pujo St Café that I passed on my walk, so I was planning on taking her to that tonight, but she deferred that outing for tomorrow. And she like Chilis, so maybe we'll go there? She has an appt near a Lebanese place (Zeus' (?)) before her chemo, so we're sure to go to that. Just trying to let her nest on her couch when she needs to and get her out when she is able.

Her next chemo is 24 March (this week). I'll be with her for that and am staying until 27 March. Beki and Sof are coming in for a wedding in Texas 8 April, then vising Mom for her next chemo. Lynda? Still a go?

So, that's the news for today. "No news is good news" I suppose. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I'm so glad I decided to stay with her. I don't bug her (really, honest) but I can see she likes me here, and I offer company, food, drink, hugs occasionally and spoil her by letting her nest on the couch. Maybe not the best plan or care, but I think she's happy with the arrangement, and that's what I want her to be.

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