Friday, July 18, 2008

Author, Author!

In the very nice movie (not one of my (many) top-10s, but still one of my favorites), eponymous of the play 'Ideal Husband', the director takes the liberty of introducing the author, Oscar Wilde, of course, of the work by using the conceit of staging his other more famous work, 'Importance of Being Earnest', as a play that the characters attend, enjoy, and cry out, 'Author! Author!'

'Ideal Husband' got along so well that the director, Oliver Parker, went on to direct 'Importance ...' (which does make my top-10-cut). But that fact is not for this story here, it's simply a nice postlude to my introduction.

Well, since I'm currently entrenched in a start-up, my cara spoza and I had a rare moment to lounge. Our lounging did not last long: in walked a blanket supported by our two actresses. In the first act, they put on a sock-stage-play starring Flopsie and Mopsie, with Elena calling out directions (as the sock director?). The second act was Isabel playing the kazoo (alright, now, really, who had the bright idea to create that, urhm, "musical?" instrument) as Elena sang along ... the selections include Gloria and Allelulia, as I recall (well, all we needed was a washboard and banjo to complete the ensemble), then there was solo dancing interspersed by more singing and, um, kazooing ('verb the noun', I always declaim).

'Author! Author!' shouted the admiring parents, but the sudden attention fleetingly turned the director's cheeks cherry red -- fleeting, because flee she did, diving under her covers to protect herself from all the sudden attention. Little Isabel accepted the showers of flowers and many trophies on her own and her absent sister's behalf.

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