Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What is hard? What is Beautiful?

So, of course, I've been doing the masyu puzzles. I go straight to the hard problems, and in the second set I ran across the following puzzle #88 in book one. The perplexing issue for me was that after (nearly) completing the puzzle seven times, I still had not reached the solution! On the other hand, problems later in that book, marked with a much harder difficulty, easily submitted to my pen.

Try to solve it yourself ... isn't the solution clever?

Now, here's a puzzle marked as 'Expert' in the recently published Hidato book. I solve these puzzles in moments without difficulty, but computer programs have a much harder go of it, search algorithms need a look-ahead of at least 7 to tackle this puzzle. I wonder who would win a race in playing this game.

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