Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A prayer for the home

When we went to the folk-life festival in Washington D.C., the big surprise for us was the cultural representation of Bhutan (Tibetan, Mongol, Indian, andChinese cultural roots). We watched archery competitions (complete with cheerleaders), ate the (very) spicy food and chatted with government ministers.

The children became immersed with the crafts; EM so wished to observe the chanting and trumpeting, but it was not to be (the line wrapped around the tent almost to the NASA exhibit), so I told her the story of when she was all of six months old, and we went to the folk-life festival with a Tibetan contingent and how she screamed when the monks transitioned from chanting to blowing their not-so-sonorous (to Western ears, that is) horns. As a consolation, she was allowed to spread ink over plates to create this prayer. The grad student informed us, as we sipped our cool mango lassis (did I mention the food was very, very spicy?), that this was a prayer for the home.

Does anyone have a translation?

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