Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another one bites the dust ...

Two dance pads destroyed; two days in a row.

That must be some kind of record. The first one was a Red Octane; supposedly indestructible for a year; so they last three months for me, on average. The second one was a metal dance pad. It died the same day I took it out to replace my Red Octane. Not sorry to see the metal pad go, as it had a rather distinct feel on my feet — the feeling that I was giving myself shin-splints by pounding with inhuman strength against the corrugated steel of deck-plating of a ship. Ugh!

So, we took a family trip to Best Buy (that whooshing sound is their quarterly hit of their stock prices when I visit their stores), and now I am the proud owner of a "professional series" React dance pad. The padding feels nice, but I think the profession it follows is that of teasing: "You really didn't mean to hit the up arrow just now, did you?"

*sigh!* I wonder how much money and I will part ways when I finally realize that only the industrial-strength arcade games will actually survive the beating I give this game on a daily basis. Not that I'm giving that any thought — it's just that the DDR series shines the brightest on the original XBox, and dance pads are becoming a rare commodity for that platform. I'm going to miss that series when I shred the last XBox dance pad in the world ...

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