Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shopping cart incident

Originally posted circa July 5, 2002:

Elena Marie got her foot caught between two spokes of a shopping cart: she was frightened and in pain; Diane and I were acting as if we weren't panicking as we failed in our attempts to release her (her leg swelled when she had forced her foot through the spokes). A Latina quickly ran to the bathroom, put soap on her hand and used it as a lubricant to free her.


Right after the incident, Elena Marie was back to normal. Diane and I are still recovering.

I had earlier offered Diane the night off (I would rock the baby to sleep while she would go watch a movie), but now all we want to do is be with the baby.

It reminds me of when Diane had told me that sometimes she had become frustrated because she must put other, seemingly important or urgent, things aside to look after the baby. But then she reflects that if Elena Marie was gone, these other things would be pointless in light of the great sadness she'd feel.

The Gospel today was "If you love your mother or father, your son or daughter more than me [Christ], you will have no part of the Kingdom." I was like (before the incident) "no problem" as I look at Elena Marie as a loaner from God. After the incident, I now realize a little better how difficult those words are: I would have gladly traded places with Elena Marie -- I would have died or killed to shield her from her agony. I guess the good things that came from this were that I know better how God loves me (like I love Elena Marie and Diane, and He did, after all, die for me) and I know better what a precious gift Elena Marie is to us.

So, practicing breathing, and feeling overcome with joy at Elena Marie's big smile.

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beki said...

What a scary Elena Marie story! I'll never forget about using soap as a lubricant to get stuck baby parts out of things. What a blessing that that nice woman came by and was willing and able to help! I'm glad she's okay, and I hope that you and Diane have mostly recovered by now.