Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Twirling Bambina (that is French)

As it was my my duty today to watch li'l Iz, as my cara spoza was ferrying EM around the town for chores today, I have three stories about her.
  1. In my last post about shopping lists I wrote the fateful word nutella. When my darling daughter saw that word, she burst into her song, as she always does, rocking from foot to foot in a swaying dance as she sang:
    nutella! nutella!
    I love
    It is a blessing a $6 jar will please her so for three months. I shudder at the following thought: what if her delight food was sushi? So, remember everyone (*ahem* right, dear?), sometimes nutella-love is a small sacrifice to make.
  2. Li'l Iz and I went out to check for the mail. She asked, plaintively, Anything for me? so I handed her a "ValPack" of coupons to the local pizzaria, etc. She was so happy that she grabbed my hand and twirled about in graceful waltz-like steps, forgetting the new treasure of coupons for the precious few minutes of twirling with her pashti.
  3. I was doing DDR [Of course! What's a pater familias post without DDR?], and I crowed with victory when I posted a new grade for Jam On It (Newcleus) A → AA, Isabel looked up from "feeding" her "baby". A thoughtful look crossed her face and she asked: Papa, how long have your been doing DDR?

    This question took me aback. Oh, more than 10 years, sweetie was my reply. That got me to thinking. She asked a question about an activity that has been going on for twice the length of her life. For me, a (nearly) 5-year-old looking beyond what's affecting her now was nearly unfathomable. When was the last time I have thought about things of more than 100 years?

Of course, I also posted improvements to
  • Tough Enough (Vanilla Ninja): A → AA

    A super cutesy-silly song with a "Tough Enough" grrl-band (get it?) that I finally aced today because I finally bore down hard enough to play through the entire song without bursting out in laughter; and
  • Life is a Game (Arctic Blue): A → AA

    Another one of those simple songs that I aced by coming back to after more than a year of not playing it. There was gritting of teeth (so I wouldn't burst out "oh, please!" during the saccharin-y melodramatic turns of phrasings), and after a short while, the AA.
It's a good thing, actually, that this was an easy-going workout, because I've finally done it, again. I so thoroughly stomped my DDR pad that now the "Down" arrow no longer registers. So, not only did I manage to shred this dance pad (Li'l Iz interrupts my entry here, asking how is it possible that my feet could rip apart a dance pad. My explanation, including eagle's and hawk's talons, seemed not to give her much comfort, and she squeaked in feigned terror when I approached to give her a comforting huggy), but now I've gone all the way: it be busted.

Time for another dip in Best Buy's stock price.

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Marissa said...

Since 2003, Geopfh. If you recall, it was at the old house and you got a demonstration on a crochety PS2.