Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Constancia" Elena Marie?

Originally posted July 16, 2001:

So, we went to the sonogram clinic (they do other things there too, but the people were nice to me (they thought I was kenkoy), so it'll be called the "sonogram clinic" from here on out).

Okay, I can get side-tracked in my emails.

So, attached is a picture of baby from the sonogram clinic. SHE (Diane wanted to know if the baby was a boy or a girl until she found out that the baby was a girl ... "A girl ... ... ... oh, that's nice." (I was delighted because si Diane thought of two names for girls only and rejected all my names for boys, so I guess God gave her what she wanted (not what she rejected ... gets mo?))).


So! I was visiting Nana and Dad and they asked what Diane's Grandmothers' names were (because Eugilda Theresa Mucciaroni Saccho Auclair was too funny for Nana ... even though that's her name), and when I told her Constancia and Maria, they practically leapt with joy ... ('cause I recommended Maria Constancia or Constancia Marie (the latter sounds kinda French, diba?)) ... "Oh, I love Constancia Marie", cried Nana. Dad stated pleasedly and officiously, "Constance is an excellent virtue."

They demanded I call my dearest love, the light of my life, my tweets-hart right away and "suggest" "Constancia Marie" ... Quote Nana: "But make SURE that you don't tell her that we suggested it!" (Notice how negative orders always backfire?)

"Constancia Marie" -- what a wonderful name, diba? The determined clarity of purpose (focused, even) tempered with the Sweetness of Our Lady (with that lilting French touch). Very traditional, too, especially since no other member of the Estrella and Sebastian families has honored their matriarchs with their first born bambina. Being traditional fits Diane's personality to a "T". :-) ← that's Diane laughing.


Love always to my favorite family(-in-law),
(douglas) MICHAEL Auclair ← note the accent on the preferred name?

Dear Manang,

Baby Constancia Marie is doing wonderfully and can't wait to meet you. My dear Mother(-in-law) (si Ate) and my dearest, sweetest pookums (I guess it's true that expecting a baby girl turns the guy all to mush -- "Hoy! I'm going to be a little girl's Papa!") recommend we raise baby girls sa atin kasi babae turn out better than sa states ("Yo! Guy! Outta mah way!" -- diba). Missing you lots and hope to hear from you soon!

(douglas) MICHAEL Auclair ← MichaelMichaelMichael

P.S. Sinabi ni Diane, "Can we visit when [Constancia Marie's] turned 12 months?" (She really didn't say "Constancia Marie"; she said "the baby" ... she's still in awe of my brilliant insight for the name ... or that's how I interpret it).

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