Thursday, August 28, 2008

Commander Howland

Originally posted February 26, 2003:
Master Chief, are you going to be able to hold out until you commander comes home?


I returned the XBox to Best Buy the same day I mailed Beki her rice crackers. I tell you what, though, if you can pick up a shotgun from one of the flood (that you just killed, of course), then you've got it made. It takes a long time to reload an empty shotgun, but the flood usually fall after only one shot.

Those hunters aren't so bad now either. I learned from you to engage them face-to-face, and they fall pretty quickly (especially when they try to jump on you and you flank them and you get to shoot them in their unprotected back a few times).

I completed a whole game of Halo before I returned the XBox, and the ending, the last level, was amazing. We must team up again when you visit here again or when we go up to Vermont (um, when it's Summer).

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