Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby Elena

Originally posted circa August 27, 2002:

Elena Marie has become much quicker crawling (esp. when she sees an open refridgerator door ... she likes touching, cautiously, fruit juice containers ... maybe it's the cold she likes, or the novelty), and she lifts herself onto her feet with confidence. Walking is not too far away, I think. Have you seen her crawl? She likes to lift one leg, and sometimes both, alternately, and plant a foot on the ground, instead of using her knees. It's delightful watching her scamper about like this.

She's also developing a personality in that she shows a stronger preference for things and people. Diane handed her to me this morning to rock to sleep. She squealed, once, in anguish, at being separated from Mama, then fell right to sleep to the reggae beat danced by Papa. She squeals more frequently now, mostly with delight, as Diane and I invent games to play with her.

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beki said...

Great news about my beautiful niecey girl! I can't believe she's gonna walk soon, and I've only seen her take a few strides of crawl. I hope I'll see her sometime soon and get to experience her increase curiousity and personality first hand.