Thursday, August 28, 2008

"You're in MENSA?"

Originally posted June 28, 2001:

Okay! Kuento time. So, the air-conditioner guy came to repair our air-conditioner (by resetting the fuse -- don't ask). I always pay with my personal card ("Mensa MasterCard -- Spend Wisely"), but I've never got a reaction until now. "OH!" exclaimed the very big air-conditioner repairman, "YOU'RE IN MENSA? I'VE NEVER MET A GENIUS BEFORE!" I informed him that now he had (siyempre, nahiya ko, diba). He examined my credit card with great interest and asked my I.Q. (I dunno) and discussed entrance testing a little while. Our transaction complete, he (reluctantly) returned my card and drove off. And so.

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