Thursday, August 28, 2008


Originally posted February 21, 2002:

So, I was cooing over Elena Marie at the dinner table, and, as she looked at her Anda sitting by the window, she suddenly breathed: "Haaay!"

Diane was quite pleased to announce that she's been practicing the word "Hi" with Elena Marie for some time.

For the rest of the day nothing but "Hi! Hi! Hi!" was heard ... from me. Elena Marie decided once was enough and was visibly (if only slightly) displeased with my encouragements -- you've seen from her pictures how effectively she can purse those eyebrows!

She also is quite talkative with her Mama when they have special quantity time. It's quite entertaining to observe Elena Marie start, and then maintain, a conversation with swee-theart.

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paula said...

This is such a precious story. I almost cry reading it. I miss you all (especially you-know-who) so much. I have made that wonderful picture you sent of Elena Marie sitting on Beki's lap and saying so much with her amazing dark eyes my wallpaper (did I tell you this already?). Now every time I'm on my desktop, my heart does a little flip-flop at the beauty of them.