Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Beki!

Originally posted September 25, 2002:

Dear Beki,

It's still a few days away, so maybe I'm the first to wish you a very happy birthday! What would you like for your birthday (besides your jar back, which we've just got a box for so we can ship it back to you and sorry for it taking so much time but I haven't slept much these last 4 weeks because I'm teaching an XML class)? Diane and I have created "wish lists" on, but I didn't see one for you, so, then, Happy Birthday with a Surprise Present coming your way!

Elena Marie fell asleep in my arms to the ukulele of Iz Kamakawio'ole, so I very carefully cradled her into the bed, and rested with her until Diane returned from choreographing a (some?) dance(s) for a Christian/pop-rock quartet. Elena Marie may be getting longer, but she's also getting sweeter, so my heart breaks more easily.

Please say hello to Howland, and I *know* you both will be enjoying something very delicious on your birthday, 'cause that's how good the food is *every* day!


beki said...

What a nice story about Elena Marie. Makes my heart break in half to think about the two of you listening to ukelele and snuggling. Sigh.

It exciting that Diane is returning to her passion for dance. I bet it doesn't seem like that much of a hiatus in retrospect.

Tell me more about these wish lists... They may be useful in the near future when I'm trying to think of a pressie for you guys.

I, on the other hand, have everything I need. A husband that loves me, work that is satisfying, two wonderful dogs, a cat, and TWO (oops) horses.

geophf said...

Well (more heartbreaking here), this time, it was LKJ's /More Time/ reggae. When I attempted to put her onto the bed, she cried out -- it's much colder now. So, I rocked her back to sleep, and cradled her with my body as I lay on the bed and she lay on my legs and tummy.

Diane's life is a full one. She just returned from a seminar on skin care/analysis. A by-invitation-only affair where most everyone else was Amway Direct and above. She was really pleased to be included into that achievement circle. She's also planning on bringing Elena Marie to a flamenco class.

I'm finishing up the XML class next week, thank God! And am having fun on the new contract. The team leader (John Moy) is openly surprised that I enjoy programming so much; I think it makes his work-day easier that he has an enthusiast (it's infectious, I guess).

If you have an account with amazon, then they let you add things to your "wish list". You can locate other people's wish list by doing a search in the wish list area of amazon. You might mistake my wish list for a college professor's whose area of expertise is compiler design.